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Selena Gomez Monarch Slave Part 2: The beginning of Disney

We left off last time with Selena being a fresh new Monarch Slave or illuminati puppet, whatever you prefer. Well Brain Zapped never made it to TV (Thank God). So Selena’s mother or handlers decided to keep her career going.

Disney held a USA-wide scouting, which Selena auditioned for. The audition landed Selena a role on The Suite life of Zach & Cody. In the episode Selena who was 14 at the time kissed one of the Sprouts twins who was 12. Is it far fetched to say Disney was sexualizing minors? I think not.

After her guest spot on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody got a recurring role on Hannah Montana. That was just to get her face known on the channel, she was officially Disney’s by then.

Disney has been apart of the illuminati for decades. The company is known in the industry for recruiting young kids and programming them into being MK-Slaves (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake Ryan Gosling, etc).

The company is also known for sexualizing minors;

Once Selena stint on Hannah Montana was being played Selena shot two pilots for Disney hoping one would get picked up. One of which was Arwin. On the show Selena played a slutty-older-sister character. She was dressed and wore makeup to make her look years older than Jasmine V (her younger sister on the show) who is only a year and five months her junior.

Here’s the show:

The other pilot was Wizard’s of Waverly Place, Selena’s breakout role. The show became a success because of it’s heavy illuminati influences. As her fame grew Selena began to take photos with symbolism.

All seeing eye:

Christ Mocking

On the show itself the opening sequence alone was an ode to the illuminati. In the opening sequence Alex (Selena’s character) bends down, although at a normal pace the slow motion effect of seeing multiples of her at once appears. Those are her multiple personalities. Her walls are made of yellow brick, a symbol of her mental enslavement. The sun behind her is setting, a symbol for sun worship.

In the bathroom Justin (David Henry) gets pushed by Alex. In retaliation he casts a spell on her (voodoo which is a programming trigger) causing lightning bolts to leave his fingers, showing Selena’s programming. Alex is trapped in the mirror trying to get out. This is another way of showing mental enslavement because inside the minds of MK-Slaves they see mirrors. (Side note: Marilyn Monroe decorated her house completely with mirrors because her mind was filled with them). Also Alice and Wonderland is part of how the illuminati brainwashes their puppets. The star on the laptop upside down is a satanic symbol.

The colors throughout the sequence are programming colors; yellow and purple. The lyrics of the song have a dark message behind them. When Selena sings ‘Try not to mess with the balance of things’ she means ‘don’t mess with the Illuminati’s order or else’ and ‘I better not mess with my programming’ The song continues with ‘Because everything is not what it seems’ meaning ‘Everything is fake in Hollywood, everyone is programmed, nothing is how it is portrayed’. 

In conclusion: Selena Gomez got sucked into Disney’s grasp, so she’s sucked liked so many other people into the illuminati’s world. Once she’s all used up, they’ll drop her. Possibly like the original Selena.